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The Desert Rose Intensive Outpatient Program

After completing  the Desert Rose Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), clients become eligible to transition to our IOP treatment (Intensive Outpatient Program). Intensive Outpatient is the phase of addiction treatment where some of the responsibilities and activities of everyday life are slowly reintroduced. You might think of it like riding a bicycle with training wheels. We won’t let you fall in IOP treatment, the support you need is there, but you will have opportunities to learn to integrate your treatment and recovery with your everyday life.

Home-like supportive recovery housing is an option for many clients. Both because it’s the most practical and convenient option for many, but also for the objectively therapeutic value. Sober living residence living helps make it easier to experience the value of fellowship in recovery. For many, it will be their first real experience of communal living outside of the family home. IOP treatment can also be thought of as the forge where the steel of your new recovery is made stronger.

Desert Rose Recovery Features:

  • A complete treatment program in one organization. Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, OP.
  • The best safe and comfortable medical detoxification available in South Florida.
  • Holistic addiction treatment programs focused on wellness.
  • Evidence-based residential addiction treatment programs.
  • Robust aftercare planning and guidance.
  • Comprehensive alumni support program.

IOP Treatment is a Time to Test Your Mettle

IOP treatment is also a second chance to flush out any remaining weak links in your personal program of recovery. This level of care provides you with all you need to make those adjustments. You’re not walking a tightrope without a net at this point, by any measure. Support is there, if anything, if a challenge is to be encountered, better it should happen during IOP treatment (or at least outpatient) because the client still has easy access to therapeutic support and solutions.

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For one example, say a client loses a part-time job. That’s a significant event that could be especially stressful in early recovery. But if it happens during IOP or outpatient treatment, the person has a place to bring their feelings about the situation in for analysis. Challenges in early recovery that occur during IOP treatment or outpatient care can be valuable opportunities for both learning and seeing the new tools of recovery in action. A client has the power to make a different decision than they might have in the past in IOP treatment. They will also get valuable support and feedback from their therapist and the group about their experience and how they handled it.

Growth and Maturation in IOP Treatment

This is where recovery is really put to the test. We find out how strong our recovery is not when everything is wonderful, but when it goes a little (or a lot) sideways and we are suddenly challenged to cope with powerful emotions. Whether it’s fear, anxiety, anger or resentment. Even irrational exuberance and unbridled joy can be potentially dangerous to the newly recovered person. Strong positive emotions need to be tempered and watched carefully too.

At the end of the day, recovery is about learning a new way to live and a large part of that is learning to ride the waves that life sends our way. How to take things on a more even keel, no matter what life serves up. Even when we’re certain we’ve been wronged, things are unfair or an injustice has occurred. That doesn’t mean we roll over and get taken advantage of, of course. But it does mean we don’t let our emotions make decisions for us. This is an important lesson for recovering people to learn. Many of them end up learning it during their IOP treatment phase and/or while living in a sober living environment.

The Desert Rose Intensive Outpatient Program:

  • Provides opportunities to put recovery to the test with real-world challenges.
  • Still offers a therapeutic venue for clients to bring problems they face for feedback.
  • Offers a second chance to “flush out” any weaknesses in one’s personal recovery program.
  • Is often the time when clients first get to see their recovery in action out in the world.

Begin Recovery at Desert Rose Detox

At Desert Rose Detox, we are dedicated to helping people safely and comfortably achieve sobriety and maintain it for the long haul. The Desert Rose Recovery and Detox program features all 5 of the major ASAM levels of care for addiction treatment. We say there is no such thing as “getting too much help for a problem”. We encourage each client to take advantage of every service we offer. We understand that not everyone will be able to commit to the entire Desert Rose Recovery program and we gladly provide detox-only treatment upon request. We only ask that clients keep an open mind and consider the possibilities and pros and cons of further treatment before deciding how to progress.  

Please give Desert Rose Detox a call. The change you’ve been wanting is within your grasp. We can help you or your loved one conquer addiction.

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