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PHP Treatment at Desert Rose Recovery

The Desert Rose Recovery Partial Hospitalization Program is an integral dual diagnosis part of our comprehensive treatment system. Our PHP treatment is one element of our systematic approach to treating addiction. The PHP treatment phase is where the individual treatment plan developed in the residential rehab phase is put to even more extensive use. At this stage in treatment, clients will have a good working knowledge of addiction and the tools of recovery

In PHP treatment, each client puts this knowledge and the tools of recovery to use. Combined with a greater understanding of themselves, their own triggers and the causes and conditions which kept them using and may have led to relapse in the past, they work out the mechanics of recovery. Concepts and ideas become solidified because the practical ways these things can help in their every day lives have become clearer.

You could say that PHP treatment is the bridge that links the learning and self-discovery phase to the intensive outpatient program and outpatient phases where clients are once again interacting with the outside world. Learning continues during PHP treatment of course because learning never really stops in recovery. The moment we stop learning or become unteachable, our recovery is in jeopardy. But the PHP treatment phase affords clients more freedom of movement and opportunities to reflect on what they’ve learned about themselves and their disease. It is a time for learning, but also for quiet reflection and contemplation of the road ahead.

Desert Rose Recovery Features:

  • A complete treatment program in one organization. Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, OP.
  • The best safe and comfortable medical detoxification available in South Florida.
  • Holistic addiction treatment programs focused on wellness.
  • Evidence-based residential addiction treatment programs.
  • Robust aftercare planning and guidance.
  • Comprehensive alumni support program.

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PHP Treatment Builds a Bridge

The Desert Rose Recovery PHP treatment phase continues to build on the progress established during the residential phase. Only now clients have had more time to sit with new ideas and concepts. They’ve become more comfortable with new ways of looking at the world. New ways of thinking about themselves and their addiction. The roles that different people played in their lives take on a new light. They begin to see how toxic relationships helped to keep them sick, while also in possession of the tools they need to move past them. An understanding of the kind of people who will strengthen their recovery is in the forefront of their awareness and they know just how important these decisions will be in the weeks and months ahead.

With a taste of the freedom that recovery brings, they are perhaps more incentivized than ever before to continue the growth and change. It is clear now that any reversion to old patterns of thinking, old ways of behaving and the same old people, places and things, can only serve to destroy this beautiful recovery they’ve begun to build here at Desert Rose. This is why we say PHP treatment is a time of reflection and contemplation. We also say that PHP builds a bridge in a sense because it is the phase of care that comes in between the fully immersive residential phase where recovery is still raw and pink and the intensive outpatient program and outpatient treatment, where they have re-entered the world.  

The Desert Rose Partial Hospitalization Program:

  • Is a time for processing what has been learned during treatment.
  • Allows for quiet contemplation of the real-world applications of recovery principles.
  • Provides opportunities to shore up any weaknesses in their program of recovery.
  • Is the last phase where clients still have a fair degree of separation from everyday life.

Begin Recovery at Desert Rose Detox

At Desert Rose Detox, we are dedicated to helping people safely and comfortably achieve sobriety and maintain it for the long haul. The Desert Rose Recovery and Detox program features all 5 of the major ASAM levels of care for addiction treatment. We say there is no such thing as “getting too much help for a problem”. We encourage each client to take advantage of every service we offer. We understand that not everyone will be able to commit to the entire Desert Rose Recovery program and we gladly provide detox-only treatment upon request. We only ask that clients keep an open mind and consider the possibilities and pros and cons of further treatment before deciding how to progress.  

Please give Desert Rose Detox a call. The change you’ve been wanting is within your grasp. We can help you or your loved one conquer addiction.

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