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The Desert Rose Residential Treatment Program for Addiction

The Desert Rose Recovery residential treatment program is a fully integrated, dual diagnosis component of our overarching treatment continuum. Our focus at Desert Rose Recovery is to help people break free of addiction safely and comfortably. The residential treatment phase is where clients begin to build the mindset and habits required for successful recovery.

For us, it isn’t enough for our former patients to simply “get by” and stay sober. We want to see them thrive in recovery. We believe that forward momentum is the key to recovery that lasts. That means understanding addiction and the demands of recovery and truly finding your passion for staying sober and the gifts that it brings. We believe it is our job to instill this drive in each and every person we treat, to the best of our ability.

You might say the Desert Rose residential treatment phase is the beating heart of our overall addiction program in a way. Because this is the phase where we have the most uninterrupted time with our clients. Time to educate. And time for them to experience the breakthroughs and insights in therapy that will become the cornerstones of the recovery foundation we will work together with them to build.

Desert Rose Recovery Features:

  • A complete treatment program in one organization. Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, OP.
  • The best safe and comfortable medical detoxification available in South Florida.
  • Holistic addiction treatment programs focused on wellness.
  • Evidence-based residential addiction treatment programs.
  • Robust aftercare planning and guidance.
  • Comprehensive alumni support program.

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Residential Treatment is Immersive

The Desert Rose Recovery residential treatment program is perhaps the time when the most change occurs for most clients. This period is crucial because it immediately follows a medical detox. This means the fog has cleared. Patients are completely sober and feeling more like themselves again. But the unpleasantness of being caught in the throes of addiction is still very fresh in their minds. Ideally, they will have found new willingness and acceptance. At minimum, there is the realization that their old way of living wasn’t serving their interests. There is some receptivity to new ideas. 

People entering a residential treatment program are generally ready to be shown a new way to live.That’s what residential treatment is all about. It is also why Desert Rose Recovery was certain to offer this critical level of care to our clients. We believe there is no real substitute to the immersive nature of residential treatment. It affords us the most time possible to work with patients in a therapeutic setting. They enjoy the safety and security of 24-hour medical staff should any issues with cravings or medication needs arise. There are no distractions from the important work we will do together.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Action

During Desert Rose Recovery’s residential phase, we really get to know each client and their needs. This where the individual treatment plan is put into motion. During treatment this plan will evolve with the clients needs. Often discoveries are made or insights arise during therapy that may inform the treatment plan. For example, a client may be diagnosed with a previously unrecognized mental health disorder, such as PTSD. Discovering evidence of trauma and its effects would change the treatment approach and may re-order priorities a bit.

Desert Rose Recovery is a trauma-informed residential treatment addiction treatment program. This means we have a complete understand of the effects of trauma and the role it can (and often does) play in addiction. Any co-occurring disorder we diagnose during residential treatment, or at any other time, will be taken into account in formulating the treatment plan in real-time.  Our program is engineered to make the most of your treatment time with us from beginning to end. Clients benefit from one-on-one and group therapy and a therapeutically advantageous patient to staff ratio.

Recovery is Hard Work

Perhaps it is no secret that recovery is hard work, at Desert Rose, we are determined to see that each person’s stay with us is time well-spent. We want to see a lot of the “heavy lifting” of recovery happen here, within a supportive therapeutic environment. We believe this lessens the risk of relapse, but it also means we have an opportunity to work through some of our patients’ most challenging issues with them. The more processing and progress that can be made during residential treatment, the better prepared the patient will be to move on to other levels of care and ultimately to re-engage with the world as a sober person in recovery.

The Desert Rose Residential Treatment Program:

  • Provides opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Is a safe, inclusive and immersive environment for self-discovery
  • Encourages open dialog and expression to facilitate understanding
  • Invites patients to challenge their own ideas and assumptions about recovery.
  • Fosters self-confidence, trust and a willingness to both help and rely upon others in recovery.

Desert Rose Detox is Where it All Begins

At Desert Rose Detox, we are dedicated to helping people safely and comfortably achieve sobriety and maintain it for the long haul. The Desert Rose Recovery and Detox program features all 5 of the major ASAM levels of care for addiction treatment. We say there is no such thing as “getting too much help for a problem”. We encourage each client to take advantage of every service we offer. We understand that not everyone will be able to commit to the entire Desert Rose Recovery program and we gladly provide detox-only treatment upon request. We only ask that clients keep an open mind and consider the possibilities and pros and cons of further treatment before deciding how to progress.  

Please give Desert Rose Detox a call. The change you’ve been wanting is within your grasp. We can help you or your loved one conquer addiction.

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