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If You are Willing to Go to Medical Detox…

Desert Rose Recovery has the medical detox you need to comfortably end the addiction rollercoaster you’re on. Whatever thought or instinct brought you here in this exact moment, there is one thing you must know. Right now, you have enough willingness to at least consider getting a medical detox, perhaps more. Willingness is precious in the world of recovery. We implore you to grab hold of it and act now. There are few guarantees in addiction, least of all any guarantee that you will be willing to get a medical detox and addiction treatment tomorrow. Or the day after. But right now, you are. So don’t waste another moment. Give us a call now.

If you’re reading these words, it’s because you want to stop using or drinking and some part of you knows you need real help. Somewhere along the way, you reached a point of pain and misery that demands a change in direction. The realization that you can’t beat addiction alone has set in. You know you can’t keep living this way. As bad as that may sound, it’s actually good news. It’s better to be fed up with being sick than it is to want to keep going.The reason so many people stay sick and suffer from addiction isn’t because there aren’t any places to get a medical detox. It’s also not because people don’t know medical detox facilities exist and can help them. It really comes down to one thing. Willingness. People caught up in active addiction instinctively know they are in trouble. They might not freely admit it to others, but they know. Living in addiction isn’t natural and it’s not pleasant or fun. No one wants to be there for long.

Medical Detox Makes the Difference

Nobody wants to be addicted. But addiction is a monster which fights for survival. It uses fear to keep you from asking for help with addiction. It manipulates you with the fear of being sober and squirming, left alone with self-destructive thoughts and despair. It lies to you and tells you there’s no way you can ever be happy or at peace without drugs or alcohol running through your blood.

Addiction is a disease, make no mistake. It’s a disease that wants to keep you sick because that’s the only way it can thrive. Your suffering is what keeps it alive. But you have a choice in this, even if you don’t always feel like you do or feel like you’re not strong enough to make it. That’s your addiction lying to you again. You ARE strong enough. You can do this and getting the right help will make it a lot easier and more likely to stick.

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To the Functional Addicts and Alcoholics

Even if you see yourself as a “functional addict” or a “maintenance drinker”, you have chaos and turmoil in one form or another in your life. Even if the surface waters seem calm to most of those around you, you know better. You are getting thrashed and twisted about by the rip currents under the surface of that glassy sea. Maybe you’re self-medicating to numb the burning of unresolved trauma. Perhaps you became addicted to opioids due to chronic pain that wasn’t sufficiently managed. Or, like millions of Americans, you may have dabbled in alcohol and drugs simply to relieve boredom and one day you just found yourself stuck. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help, not judge. Give us a call.

Addiction is Strong. You are Stronger.

Addiction is quite possibly the most powerful demon you’ve ever had to battle. Your enemy is strong. But you are stronger and you don’t need to do it alone. Desert Rose Detox will level the playing field. In fact, we can do better than that. We’re going to give you an unfair advantage over your enemy. Addiction plays dirty, so it’s time to take off the gloves when we fight back. The best weapon you have, especially right now, is willingness. All it takes to get addiction recovery started is a bit of willingness and the courage to believe that you can recover.

Your Partner in Recovery from Start to Finish

This means you are with Desert Rose from start to finish.  You’ll receive expert medication supported detox at a Desert Rose facility. And if you decide to see the program through, you will also get every level of support you need to build enduring recovery directly from us, at our facility. From medical detox to residential inpatient and partial hospitalization all the way through our intensive outpatient program, outpatient treatment and aftercare. Desert Rose can guide your addiction recovery process end to end, if you want it.

Medical Detox and Complete Addiction Recovery

The detox you know you need and deserve is just on the other end of the line. You found the willingness to seek it out. All that’s left to do is make that phone call that will begin the first new day in the rest of your life. We’re ready to give you a hand and a shoulder to lean on. There’s strength in numbers and together we can move through any obstacle. Give us a call and we’ll get to work transforming your life today.

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