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Opiate Detox is a Must

At Desert Rose Detox, the safety and comfort of our patients comes first. This is why we operate our own fully licensed and Joint Commission Accredited opiate detox facility. Unlike some other programs in Florida, we won’t trust your detox to a third party.

At Desert Rose Detox, you will receive a safe and comfortable medication assisted opiate detox and 24-hour clinical support.  What this means is that when you admit to our detox for opiate addiction, any withdrawal symptoms or discomfort you have will be carefully and expertly treated.

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Suffering Through Opiate Withdrawal is Unnecessary 

Anyone who has been using heroin for any length of time at all is familiar with withdrawal. Even if they have not yet experienced the worst of it, it is one of the greatest fears of any opiate user. They are all too aware of the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that will torment them if they go without using heroin for too long. But suffering through opiate withdrawal is not a requirement for anyone. 

The medication-assisted opiate detox we provide at Desert Rose Detox makes the process of getting off of opiates far more comfortable than any attempt at home detox can ever hope to be.. No one deserves to suffer through opiate withdrawal, least of all someone who is trying to do the right thing and get clean. Let us help. Our compassionate detox nurses are here 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible. 

As soon as you arrive, we move through the admissions process quickly. You will be assessed by our clinical staff who will carefully note and attend to any symptoms you’re experiencing. We use a state-of-the-art opiate detox protocol here that not only mitigates the usual physical withdrawal symptoms but will help quell anxiety and sleeplessness.

What Are Opiates and What Aren’t

One of the questions we are sometimes asked is what is the difference between opioids and opiates?. If you’re seeking help for opiate addiction for yourself or someone else, arming yourself with the facts is an important part of making an informed decision about opiate detox and treatment. First, all opiates are opioids, but not all opioids are opiates. Still confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain:


Opiates are opioid drugs or compounds which are extracted from natural plant material, the sap, pods and fibers of the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). Heroin is the most well-known and widely used opioid on the planet. Other examples of opiates include: opium, poppy pods and products made from them, morphine and codeine. Synthesized drugs like fentanyl, oxycodone and hydrocodone are opioids, but they are not opiates because they aren’t derived from the opium poppy, but rather created from chemicals in a pharmaceutical laboratory. They act on the same part of the brain and have similar effects to opiates though. 


The term opioids includes all drugs which attach to opioid receptors in the brain to deaden pain along with other effects which may include acting as a CNS depressant, generating euphoria and a sense of warmth and wellbeing. So that includes opiates like heroin, but also oxycodone (Percocet, OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab), heroin and fentanyl. Any drug that produces similar effects by acting upon opioid receptors in the same way is an opioid, synthetic or naturally derived. 

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Do I Need Opiate Detox or Opioid Detox?

We like to use the term opioids as it covers every drug in this category and it avoids any potential confusion. The only time you really need to use the word opiate is if you’re trying to differentiate a naturally based drug derived from the opium poppy from a synthetic opioid. The point is that all opioids are addictive. An opioid detox is the same thing as an opiate detox. Protocols will be very similar and we will respond to any symptoms you might have to keep you as comfortable as possible. 

By the way, this should go without saying perhaps, but opiates are NOT any safer or less addictive than synthetic opioids. The main difference is that some people who have allergic reactions to natural opiates, may have less of a reaction to a synthetic opioid. But all opioids, including opiates, are potentially dangerous and have potential for dependence. Desert Rose opioid detox is highly experienced in treating the discomfort and anxiety associated with withdrawal from opioids. Our evidence-based treatment model relies upon clinically proven medications and therapies to ensure your comfort and tranquility while you heal in the hands of our opiate detox specialists.

Comfortable Opiate Detox

Desert Rose Detox opiate addiction specialists carefully monitor for any signs of withdrawal. We intercept any discomfort with modern medicines following state-of-the-art opiate detox protocols. Operating our own medication-assisted opiate detox allows us to give you the continuity of care we believe is the key to long-term recovery. .  

At Desert Rose Detox you will receive:

  • Physical check up with our nurses.
  • Medical chart including any relevant notes from your medical history.
  •  Medication-assisted detox protocol for comfort and safety.
  • Nutritious and delicious meals to help you build your strength.
  • Therapeutic massage and chiropractic services
  • Rest, recovery and peace.

How Do I Admit to Desert Rose Detox?

Our system is streamlined and efficient. Just call us at (844) 427-3509. We will do an intake interview and insurance verification right over the phone. Once your intake is approved by our clinical director we move forward with your admission.

Approval usually happens quickly, then we arrange discrete ground transportation to bring you to our alcohol and drug detox center. Breathe easy. You or your loved one will be in good hands at Desert Rose Recovery from start to finish.

The admissions process at Desert Rose Detox is simple:

  • Call us at (844) 427-3509 for an insurance coverage check.
  • Complete a pre-admission phone interview with your admissions coordinator.
  • Await admission approval to Desert Rose alcohol and drug detox.
  • Coordinate travel plans with us so we can prepare (or pick you up locally).

Trusted Addiction Treatment

At Desert Rose, drug and alcohol detox is only the beginning. We offer a complete addiction treatment program here. Unlike most Florida rehabs, we feature all 5 primary ASAM levels of care you need within a single program.

Desert Rose Detox has earned Joint Commission Accreditation. We also enjoy membership in NAATP, state licensing and are associated with certified recovery residences (FARR).

Nationally Recognized and Fully Accredited, Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Centers

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